StreetAway's new update is finally here!

by Tom Potts | 05 December, 2017 | 0 Comments

After weeks of promises, it's finally here! Check your mobile device right now, and you might just see that the StreetAway app is ready to update! We're excited to finally launch the new update, and there's been some important overhauls to certain aspects of the app, as well as a couple of little tweaks here and there. We'll be telling you about that in this week's newsletter, as well as highlighting a brand new business!

REDESIGNED UI, Fresh map interface, Best route to take, Live reservation countdown, and push notifications


With the newest version of the app comes some fantastic new features, and we've made some exciting changes to the app for iOS devices. We'll be hoping to follow this up soon with updates to our Android versions too.


JAM JAR .jpeg


Firstly, our UI has been overhauled - our home page has been redesigned to allow users to quickly be able to see what they want, and offers are now accessible as soon as the app is opened. More images on the home page will also give the user an idea of what is currently on offer.

The map interface has also been updated, with a fresh new design, and new colour schemes for the different icons, as well as animations to show when live offers are available. These changes help the map feel much more vibrant, and alive!




On top of this, when purchasing a live reservation, users can now view a map, which helps to show the best route for them to take to the intended destination. A countdown will also be present, showing how much time you have to arrive! Finally, we have also included an option for you to receive push notifications from your favourite businesses when they have new offers available. This will help you to quickly see when your favourite Italian or burger joint has a brand new offer!


Business of the week - River Beat




Nestled next to the Swing Bridge on the Gateshead side of the Tyne, River Beat offers you the chance to sample some fine, authentic Asian tapas, and other far eastern curries and dishes. Offering something a little different from other restaurants in the Toon, the menu offers a fine choice of foods, such as Red Braised Belly Pork, Cod and kernel fritters, and Thai basil pork. Everything on the menu is delicious, so while you may not have heard of most of the dishes before, they're well worth a try! 



So, if you fancy a unique dining experience, all the while admiring the famous Tyne River, head on to River Beat, and check the StreetAway app to see some of the discounts you can get while there!

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