Latin Food and Late Night Hip-Shaking at Rum'Ba

by Ant Meyer | 03 October, 2018 | 0 Comments

Serious about your South American food? Are you a lover of Latin cuisine? Passionate about your Peruvian plates? We're delighted to introduce to you Newcastle's very own Rum'ba La Casa Latina. A top class South American food, drink, and dance venue located mere minutes away from all your other favourite bars and night spots in town.


First-Class Table Setting


When was the last time you treated yourself to an explosion of fish, lemon and lime flavours in the form of a Ceviche De Pescado? Or how about the mouth-watering combination of beef, stir-fried with red onions, fresh tomatoes and coriander, on a plate of Soltado served with a side of crisp, fluffy chips. 

Haven't tried either? With Rum'Ba La Casa Latina's divine selection of flavourful dishes situated no further than a stone's throw from Central Newcastle, there's no better local spot to get that first taste of quality South American cuisine than the colourful, welcoming site of Rum'Ba. 


A Divine Prawn Dish


As if you didn't know this was coming. Rum'Ba is so much more than a divine dinner venue. Hosted by a team of staff as lively as their drinks menu, Rum'Ba regularly hosts Latin dancing and exotic music events for all to enjoy. Situated just across the road from Newcastle's striking Centre for Life, you have no excuse not to add Rum'ba to your list of regular night out scenes.   

If you plan on staying in Newcastle for a while, getting your hips moving on a night at Rum'Ba's unique Latin venue is an absolute mustInterested? Check out Rum'ba's Facebook for a glimpse into their ludicrous events and colourful menu.


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Remember, if you and your friends are planning on dining at Rum'Ba this month, groups of four will receive a free jug of Sangria with their meal. Feasting to lively music in a dazzling venue with free booze... Well, what else could you ask for to kick off an unforgettable night on the town?

We're delighted to announce this partnership with one of Newcastle's most unique Latin music venues, keep an eye out on your StreetAwayApp for some of Rum'Ba's future deals and vouchers coming exclusively to StreetAway users. If you haven't already done so, check out the free download below to see how much money you could be saving right now.

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