Exceptional Italian Food at Achellos Now on STREETAWAY©

by Ant Meyer | 03 October, 2018 | 0 Comments

There's no such thing as too much high-quality Italian cuisine. Italy alone has given the world an insurmountable selection of dishes we can't get out of our heads such as Carbonara, Bolognese and you guessed it, Pizza. Here in Newcastle, you're absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to the very finest Italian food on offer in the UK, but alongside that choice comes the hassle of picking out the quality from the 

To make that choice just a little bit easier, today, we're ecstatic to announce our newest partnership with the creators of exceptionally beautiful dishes... Achellos. 


Situated in a gorgeous green residential area in Fenham, Achellos is no more than a ten minute Uber from the City Center. It's a perfect spot just outside of the city commotion to chat with friends over some delicious dishes and clear your head with a soothing mocktail. I'd personally recommend branching out your tastebuds to try the explosive signature Passion Bomb for a unique burst of fruity flavours, or perhaps if you prefer your more traditional tasting mocktails your ideal drink would be their fresh and minty Virgin Mojito

To put it one way, this enticing image below showcasing Achello's colourful collection of cocktails still doesn't quite do the overwhelming taste of each drink justice. Yes, the presentation is exceptional, but the magnificent mixture of flavours is even more-so. 




Cooking up dishes from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, Achellos pours quality and care into their beautifully crafted menu of plates ranging from the familiar to the adventurous.

Got yourself a sweet tooth? Then dive into their selection of desserts, cakes, and sweet treats. (If you've never tried a homemade dessert calzone before, now's the time!)



If you pop on over to this fine Italian venue for their bargain happy hour deals you'll be treated to an absolute bargain at only £4.95 for one course or £6.95 for three. Better yet, bring the kids along between Achello's happy hours of 12pm-5pm on Fridays or 12pm-3pm on Saturdays and they can feast for only £1!

Maybe you prefer to spend your precious Autumn weekend downtime treating yourself to a seasonal Sunday lunch. Turn up to this beautiful leafy residential area in Fenham and Achellos will treat you to a full traditional roast, complete with Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings for just £7.95. Add a mere £1 and you can upgrade your mouthwatering meal to include a starter from their selection of plates (I'd recommend the Calamari, who can resist Calamari for a quid!?).



To celebrate joining the StreetAway© movement, Achellos are prepared to offer you, exclusively through the StreetAway a free Garlic bread or portion of freshly cooked chips with any two pasta dishes. So if you're thinking of whisking a friend or significant other away for a delightful dinner date, why not check out their exclusive deal below or directly through your StreetAwayApp.

Check out their Offer
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