From the first cappuccino in the North East to delightful treats at Basement Snaxx!

by Tom Potts | 29 October, 2018 | 0 Comments

When Basement Snaxx opened their doors in Newcastle, they promised to provide quality teas, perfectly blended coffees, tasty hot chocolates and unique treats. Fostering a real community spirit in the heart of the city, they've created something more than just your average coffee shop. It's a place where local artists and musicians could share their craft with other likeminded people, and a place to relax and catch up with friends and family. It may look like your ordinary cafe, but Basement Snaxx offers so much more than just a quick brew!



Fresh ingredients are delivered daily, with the menu changing from day to day providing you with a brand new experience to look forward to every time you step foot in the venue! From delicious vegan treats, to fantastic plates piled high with food, it never fails to impress!

There is also a unique history to the site (you may have noticed it in the title!). as the place upon which Basement Snaxx is located was originally home to a cafe that served the very first cappuccino in the North East! 




 We're delighted to be teaming up with Basement Snaxx to bring you some exciting deals to help spice up your next visit!

Enjoy a delicious cup of tea for just £1.50, saving you a whopping 40%. More of a Coffee drinker? Get your next coffee for just £2, getting you 33% off. If you fancy a bite, get 20% off a Sandwich + Tea or Coffee, at a great price for only £4.80! You can also treat yourself to a scrumptious Cake + Tea or Coffee for the same price!


 basementsnaxxteaoffer basementsnaxxcoffeeoffer

basementsnaxxsandwichoffer basementsnaxxcakeoffer


We are overjoyed to welcome Basement Snaxx to the StreetAway app, and look forward to working with them going forward! For more top-tier offers, vouchers and services check out your StreetAway app for all of our latest deals.

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