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Tom Potts

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Insert Coffee to begin. Welcome to Hugos!

Business Highlight, local business, newcastle

Ahhhh, coffee. It certainly seems to have become a staple in many a 9-5 workers daily routine (and if it isn't a part of..

07 Nov

StreetAway's Event picks for Bonfire Night delights!

Bonfire Night

Remember remember, the 5th of November. Halloween has come and gone for another year, and we hope you enjoyed yourself,..

01 Nov

Keep calm and eat grilled cheese! Welcome to Darceys!

Business Highlight, local business, newcastle

They pride themselves on producing the tastiest grilled cheese sandwiches in the UK. It's safe to say, Darceys Grilled..

30 Oct

From the first cappuccino in the North East to delightful treats at Basement Snaxx!

Business Highlight, local business, newcastle

To provide quality teas, perfectly blended coffees, tasty hot chocolates and unique treats. All of these things were..

29 Oct

How StreetAway can help your business thrive with local offers & more

local business

Marketing your produce, advertising your business, and getting the word out there to the general public about what you..

25 Oct

Happiness is a fresh new haircut. Welcome to The Diamante Rooms!

Business Highlight, newcastle, local business, Haircut

With 29 years of experience under her belt and expertise in working with brands such as Loreal and Wella, Dawn Stokoe..

16 Oct

Featured Business 1: Newcastle Restaurants

Hidden Gem

Featured Business 1: Don Vitos

13 Sep

A Different Kind! #SACONNECT Network Event

network event, #saconnect, metro arena


The Event

Wednesday 29th August, 2018. Hundreds of fans flocked to the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle to take in the..

31 Aug

StreetAway's new update is finally here!

After weeks of promises, it's finally here! Check your mobile device right now, and you might just see (if you haven't..

05 Dec