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Business Testimonials

Wow, what a year 2017 was! We have gained 43 amazing partners since our launch this September and what's more, they love..

29 Dec

Merry Christmas and an app-y new year...

local business, Newcastle upon tyne, streetawayapp

As 2017 draws to a close and we all look forward to Christmas, all we want is to relax and wind down…not here at..

22 Dec

StreetAway's new update is finally here!

River Beat, Newcastle restaurant, streetawayapp

After weeks of promises, it's finally here! Check your mobile device right now, and you might just see that the..

05 Dec

What Newcastle has to offer

Newcastle upon tyne, streetawayapp

Have you ever travelled to a new town or city and had absolutely no idea where the nice bars and restaurants were? Just a..

05 Dec

How to Find Good Deals Online

Money saving tips, streetawayapp

We’ve all experienced the heartbreak of buying something and then finding out we could have gotten it for much less..

05 Dec

Do More With StreetAway!

local business, Newcastle upon tyne, streetawayapp

StreetAway lets you do more! Find brand new restaurants, bars, cafes, entertainment, salons and more, all from your..

05 Dec

Current Marketing for Businesses with StreetAway

local business, streetawayapp

The key to success for every business is visibility to the right audience. Whilst many businesses offer great products..

05 Dec