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You’re about to see StreetAway on a platform near you... 

StreetAway’s name is going from strength to strength, and we’re very excited to be expanding our advertising efforts to..

01 Mar

New discount app is streets ahead

Insider, local business, Things to do in Newcastle, Newcastle upon tyne, save money

An emerging Newcastle-based company is using local knowledge to revolutionise the highly competitive discount app market.

27 Feb

The definitive guide to things to do in Newcastle

Newcastle is famed for its vivacious nightlife that never sleeps, but the city really is so much more than that. If bars..

22 Feb

Your StreetAway partnership questions answered

Entering into a business partnership is certainly no small feat. It requires plenty of consideration, relationship..

14 Feb

8 unlikely startups that became wildly successful

StreetAway is a startup with a difference. The app is transforming the traditional methods of saving money to adapt to..

08 Feb

Newcastle based business? Here's how to advertise and grow for free

Marketing, garnering interest in your business and spreading the word of how much you can offer to consumers is an..

31 Jan

Spender or Saver? 10 Tips You Need to Save Money

Today’s consumers increasingly want to do more. We want to be entertained constantly, with our phones glued to our hands,..

24 Jan

Why you should be eating Italian food tonight

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love Italian cuisine. From the most adventurous foodie to those..

10 Jan

How to make (and not break!) New Year's resolutions

A new year seems to mean a fresh start to most everyone. It could mean breaking bad habits, acquiring healthy ones, maybe..

04 Jan